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Wednesday, September 29, 2021 - 07:30

Berkel Introduces Refreshed Slicer Offering

Berkel announced it has refreshed its slicer offering and is bringing the new B-Series slicers to market.

Louisville, KY. (September 28, 2021) — Building on a century of service, Berkel announced it has refreshed its slicer offering and is bringing the new B-Series slicers to market. The series includes four manual, gravity-feed slicers (B9-SLC, B10-SLC, B-12-SLC and B14-SLC) and one automatic model (B12A-SLC) and is ideal for small to mid-sized kitchens looking for reliable performance and quality at a reasonable investment.

“Berkel is the original slicer manufacturer in the industry, and we are excited to continue innovating our equipment,” says Carolyn Bilger, marketing director, ITW Food Equipment Group. “The Berkel B-Series slicers are precisely engineered to provide consistent performance — and they are fairly priced, making them an especially good option for independent restaurants.”

The B-Series slicers are available in a variety of knife sizes to provide flexibility to meet specific needs. The four manual slicers have 9-, 10-, 12- and 14-inch knives, and the automatic model has a 12-inch knife. Each knife is made of chrome-plated carbon steel to ensure sharpness for clean cuts, and each slicer features a durable, anodized aluminum finish to promote quick and thorough sanitation. The slicers’ removable carriage can be completely submerged in water to further simplify cleaning.

Berkel has included standard features on all the B-Series slicers, including a removable, single-action, top-mounted plastic sharpener, along with a removable knife cover to match the size and style of each slicers’ knife and a permanent plastic ring guard.

The B9-SLC and B-10 SLC manual slicers are powered by a ¼ HP motor. The B12-SLC and B-14-SLC manual slicers and the B-12A-SLC automatic slicer have a ½ HP motor, along with no-volt release. The no-volt release feature ensures the slicers will not automatically turn back on in the event of losing power. The B-12A-SLC slicer also has a carriage and gauge plate interlock to support operator assurance. The operator must close the gauge plate and put the product tray in home position before being able to remove the carriage arm.

As part of the refreshed slicer offering, Berkel is also bringing back its original scripted logo — a nod to the company’s longtime standing in the industry as the creator of the slicer.

About Berkel

For over 100 years, Berkel has produced reliable equipment that chefs and operators depend on for consistently great results. Berkel’s unique combination of experience and innovation has made it a name synonymous with quality foodservice slicers, vacuum packaging equipment and more. Maximize your time in the kitchen. Choose Berkel. Berkel is associated with the Vulcan Food Equipment Group and is a division of the ITW Food Equipment Group. Visit

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